& Helping you do the same 



& Helping you do the same 

does this sound familiar? 

You're afraid to tell your unique story and let the world really know who you
truly are while making your diagnosis your super power

I Could Be Your

online biz & marketing bestie

Are you looking for someone to give you some advice on your brands presence online? I get it, it's stressful running a biz especially when you deal with health issues behind the scenes!  Knowing how to market yourself in a way that makes your audience relate and want to buy from you is a key factor in running your online biz. You've came to the right place girl, I'm just one email away from becoming your own marketing coach. From coaching you on social media to email marketing to your next business idea, I can virtually help you with any of your online marketing needs through online marketing coaching!
You'll be sharing your unique, authentic story in no time regardless of your diagnosis! 

You're diagnosis has taken over your time and you can't seem to find the time to show up authentically 

You're so overwhelmed with your diagnosis and business already that you can't keep
up with the latest trends, what to say, or how to even get started with your online presence

You're tired of putting yourself out there but not growing the way that you want to be in your online business


If That Relates To You

I was there once, too!

Seriously, when I first was diagnosed with endometriosis back when I was 15 years old, I was scared and alone. A girl trying to just get by in high school, trying to make it in the corporate world, and while owning a small photography business. Life wasn't the way I wanted to live. Missing time off of work or school constantly because of my unbearable flare ups. I wasn't going anywhere in life and felt so helpless. Biting my tongue at countless jobs because corporate world taught us that taking health days were bad and being late because of a flare up meant repercussions that could cost you your job. I craved security and understanding which the standard 9-5's lacked for me.

That's until I finally gained the courage to quit my day job and take the deep dive into entrepreneurship as a social media manager and started making my diagnosis's work for me instead of against me. I started sharing my authentic story, automated and placed systems in my business designed for people who need the extra rest, and watched as my business scaled to where I couldn't believe if you told me 10 years ago. 

Now my purpose is to help you do the same with your business! Whether your just starting out, on your way out of your 9-5 job, or already have an established business... I want to help you get your story and message out into the world in a way so powerful your brand will not be forgotten! 

Talking with Montana the very first time, I felt I’d always known her. She got to know MY needs before trying to ‘get down to business.’ You just don’t find good business partners like that anymore.
Montana built my amazing website & answered every question with precise clarity but, most importantly, with great patience. She guided me step by step through the entire process making certain I had full comprehension of each detail. 
I’m thankful Montana continues to be my coach, and it is always a pleasure doing business together! Even though we are hundreds of miles apart, I consider her a very valuable asset, but also a friend! ♥️

Lisa A.

Client Love 

Or Let Me Be Your


Are you looking for someone to give you a hand with your brand so you can take more health days? I get it, it's stressful running a biz especially when you deal with health issues behind the scenes!  You've came to the right place, I'm just one email away from becoming your social media manager and taking some of the weight off of your shoulders.  From running your social media to content creation, I can virtually help with any of your online marketing needs!  And we all know running a business with chronic illness is exhausting so why don't you take a break, you deserve it after all! Imagine how much other things you can get done with having me on your team! Let's do this together!